2021 Events

Friday 1st January 2021

Online entry will be open soon!

Ed lifts OOM trophy

Wednesday 28th October 2020

Edward Davis shoots 72 to lift the trophy

Aziz wins Crisp Cup

Monday 26th October 2020

Aziz wins the Development Tour Final

Seniors Championship 2020

Wednesday 30th September 2020 - Thursday 1st October 2020
White Tees, East Berkshire

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 71R2 CSS 71TotalPar
1st George Best Wilson Calcot Park Golf Club (a0)7469143+5
2nd Tim Whittaker Beaconsfield Golf Club (a0)7571146+8
3rd Mark Simpson Reading Golf Club (a2)7175146+8
4th Columb Harrington Oxford City (a5)7772149+11
5th Douglas Cameron Frilford Heath Golf Club (a1)7673149+11
6th John Cox Kirtlington Golf Club (a5)7277149+11
7th David Niven East Berkshire Golf Club (a1)7277149+11
8th Michael Sanders Beaconsfield Golf Club (a2)7080150+12
9th William Koen Royal Ascot Golf Club (a2)7675151+13
10th Malcolm Reid Castle Royle Golf & Country Club (a1)7675151+13
11th Ian Oakes Denham Golf Club (a2)7675151+13
12th Robert Lucas Sand Martins Golf Club (a3)7477151+13
13th Chris Wilkins Sonning Golf Club (a4)7973152+14
14th Andy Elmey Frilford Heath Golf Club (a3)7478152+14
15th Ashley Brewer Denham Golf Club (a2)8073153+15
16th Gregor Brown Frilford Heath Golf Club (a5)7677153+15
17th A Cobb Ellesborough Golf Club (a2)7479153+15
18th Darrell Kirkham Bird Hills Golf Club (a5)8074154+16
19th Marc Grimsey Harewood Downs Golf Club (a3)7975154+16
20th Phil Sewell Castle Royle Golf & Country Club (a3)7876154+16
21st Adam Peake The Berkshire Golf Club (a4)7480154+16
22nd C J Lumley The Berkshire Golf Club (a5)7976155+17
23rd David Cromie East Berkshire Golf Club (a2)7679155+17
24th Mark Lawton East Berkshire Golf Club (a5)7679155+17
25th N C J Bragg The Berkshire Golf Club (a3)7580155+17
26th Jeremy Platt East Berkshire Golf Club (a4)7979158+20
27th David Cowap East Berkshire Golf Club (a5)7979158+20
28th Sam Smale Denham Golf Club (a5)7781158+20
29th M Bower Burnham Beeches Golf Club (a4)8178159+21
30th Ken Paterson Jnr Sonning Golf Club (a6)7980159+21
31st Philip James Frilford Heath Golf Club (a5)7980159+21
32nd James Cowan Mill Ride Golf Club (a7)8179160+22
33rd Alan Gaffney Henley Golf Club (a6)8080160+22
34th Jim Girling Frilford Heath Golf Club (a6)7684160+22
35th David Doodson Temple Golf Club (a7)8477161+23
36th Stephen Michael Castle Royle Golf & Country Club (a5)8279161+23
37th Steve Fenton Burnham Beeches Golf Club (a5)7982161+23
38th Mark James Osborne Calcot Park Golf Club (a5)7982161+23
39th John Heselden Winter Hill Golf Club (a5)8479163+25
40th Doug Terry Frilford Heath Golf Club (a7)8380163+25
41st Doug Rae Burnham Beeches Golf Club (a6)8281163+25
42nd Alan Hemson Sonning Golf Club (a5)8083163+25
43rd Andrew Lees The Club at Mapledurham (a6)8183164+26
44th CLIFF PEARCE Princes Risborough Golf Club (a3)7886164+26
45th Michael Lawson Beaconsfield Golf Club (a5)8481165+27
46th R W Jones Ellesborough Golf Club (a6)7987166+28
47th John Ellams Wokefield Park Golf Club (a6)8780167+29
48th Joe Korting Calcot Park Golf Club (a6)8484168+30
49th David Williams Castle Royle Golf & Country Club (a6)8783170+32
50th Mitch Holyoake Winter Hill Golf Club (a8)8694180+42
51st Karl Slootweg Maidenhead Golf Club (a6)7474+5
52nd Trevor Carvey Beaconsfield Golf Club (a4)8585+16
53rd Craig Buttivant Gerrards Cross Golf Club (a2)74WD  
54th Colin Tungate Reading Golf Club (a7)82WD  

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