Ryan & Harrison are Champions!

Friday 27th May 2022

Ryan Greenwood & Harrison Leivers are Club Foursomes Scratch Champions

Eastern Inter Counties Foursomes

Monday 16th May 2022

BB&O compete at Seacroft

Kennedy is BB&O Seniors Champion

Wednesday 11th May 2022

John Kennedy becomes BB&O Seniors Champion

Seniors Championship

Wednesday 11th May 2022 - Thursday 12th May 2022
White Tees, Gerrards Cross Golf Club

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1R2TotalPar
1st John Kennedy Frilford Heath Golf Club (2)7278150+12
2nd George Best Wilson Calcot Park (-1)7774151+13
3rd John Cox Kirtlington (6)7478152+14
4th Simon Phillips Maidenhead (5)7974153+15
5th Mark Simpson Reading (1)8371154+16
5th Tim Whittaker Beaconsfield (1)7777154+16
7th Stewart Dalgarno The Wychwood (0)7580155+17
8th David Harvey East Berkshire (5)7977156+18
8th Peter Hughes Frilford Heath Golf Club (5)7878156+18
10th Steve lee Beaconsfield (7)8176157+19
10th David Williams Castle Royle (5)8077157+19
10th Michael Sanders Beaconsfield (-2)7978157+19
13th Phil Sewell Castle Royle (4)8078158+20
13th Andy Elmey Frilford Heath Golf Club (1)7583158+20
15th Mark Stokes Studley Wood (2)8376159+21
15th Karl Slootweg Maidenhead (3)8178159+21
17th Craig Buttivant Gerrards Cross (1)8674160+22
17th Tim Howard East Berkshire (3)8278160+22
17th Gary Hales Gerrards Cross (7)8080160+22
20th William Koen Royal Ascot (2)8477161+23
20th Stephen Michael Castle Royle (2)8378161+23
20th Paul Lamb Newbury & Crookham (8)8180161+23
23rd Richard Jones Ellesborough (6)8280162+24
23rd Alistair Booth Frilford Heath Golf Club (8)8181162+24
23rd John Pocock Goring & Streatley (-1)8181162+24
26th Paul Woolley The Wychwood (7)8578163+25
26th Alan Gaffney Henley Golf Club (8)8479163+25
26th Andrew Marsh Calcot Park (5)8281163+25
29th Christopher Osborne Temple (4)8579164+26
29th Dougie Rae Burnham Beeches (5)8381164+26
29th Kevin Wilder Sand Martins (4)8381164+26
32nd matt johnson Beaconsfield (3)8580165+27
32nd Robert Gill Gerrards Cross (8)8184165+27
32nd Cliff Pearce Harleyford (4)8085165+27
35th Ian David Roostan Reading (5)8581166+28
35th Brian Moscrop Ellesborough (8)8383166+28
35th Bob Lucas Sand Martins (6)8284166+28
38th Mark James Osborne Calcot Park (6)8483167+29
38th Simon Dean Powell Calcot Park (7)8384167+29
40th stuart taylor Burford (9)8286168+30
41st Gary Stangoe Reading Golf Club (2)8782169+31
41st Ian Oakes Denham (1)8782169+31
41st Peter Agius Gerrards Cross (8)8584169+31
41st Peter Lockett Frilford Heath Golf Club (4)8287169+31
41st Colin Ledbury Frilford Heath Golf Club (7)8287169+31
46th Niall Campbell Feldon Valley (10)8585170+32
46th David Doodson Temple (9)8585170+32
46th Adrian Donkersley Denham (8)8387170+32
49th Robert Macpherson Buckingham (12)8685171+33
49th Graham Hoult Oxford (9)8586171+33
49th Richard Lewis Chesham & Leyhill (10)8388171+33
52nd Royston Brookes Chartridge Park (7)8686172+34
53rd Ashley Laking Mill Ride Golf & Country Club (7)8985174+36
53rd K S Ward Temple (6)8490174+36
55th Mike Goodwin Bradfield College (2)9085175+37
55th James Northway Harewood Downs (4)9085175+37
55th John Gould Frilford Heath Golf Club (9)8689175+37
58th stephen lewington Newbury & Crookham (9)8987176+38
59th Nicholas Lane East Berkshire (10)9295187+49
60th Mark Williams Maidenhead (11)9896194+56
61st James Cowan Mill Ride Golf & Country Club (7)77NR  
62nd Phil Allen Newbury & Crookham (8)83NR  
63rd Joe Korting Calcot Park (5)90NR  
64th Ashley Brewer Denham (1)8383+14
65th Michael Lawson Beaconsfield (5)8484+15
66th Columb Harrington Oxford (4)NR  
67th David Cromie East Berkshire (2)NR  
68th David Cowap East Berkshire (6)NR  
68th Davide Aagaard Donnington Grove Country Club Golf Club (3)NR  

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